The quality in comparison

Ours mufflers fully correspond  to its name.

A solid proposal: quality checking according to the rules of the German Technical Inspectorate TUV demonstrates the advantages of the original muffler.

Download poster "Ours mufflers fully correspond to its name" (5098 KB, PDF) 




The pneumatic balloon. 


Download video "Pneumatic balloon" (6312 KB, MP4)



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Brake disk 

Download video "Brake disk" (8263 KB, MP4)

Download poster  «Original brake disk» (7895 KB, PDF)



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Air filter 

Download video "Air filter" (13713 KB, MP4)


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Wiper blade

Download video "Wiper blade" (11477 KB, MP4)



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An exchange that pays off 

 Restored original parts Mercedes-Benz

        Download brochure "An exchenge that plays off" (693 KB, PDF)


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Dry and clean air for confident braking.

The original cartridge dehumidifier Mercedes-Benz with oil separator: significant benefits.

        Download poster "Desiccant cartridge А 000 429 57 95"  (23812 KB, PDF)


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Your profitability is our  main goal

Restored original parts for Mercedes-Benz trucks.

        Download brochure "Restored original spare parts "Mercedes-Benz" (1334 KB, PDF)


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